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About me


UX Design Institute Certification mark

I am a qualified User Researcher and UX Designer, with a passion for understanding human needs, capabilities and limitations in order to drive good design.

As a consumer, a worker and a member of society, I can't stand opaque or clunky experiences that leave people baffled, stressed or second guessing what they've done. And I know that by recognising that users sit at the heart of our designs, we can do better. 

During my 15 year career in road and rail transport, I made a significant contribution to over fifty human-centred design projects which aimed to improve safety, health and wellbeing. My work has enabled me to continuously improve my understanding of human behaviour and performance, and has given me invaluable experiences in driving change within real-world situations that are influenced by financial and regulatory constraints, politics and powerful stakeholders.

Chartered Institute of Ergonomics and Human Factors Logo

I am a Chartered Member of the Chartered Institute of Human Factors and Ergonomics.


​I enjoy:

  • Travelling to see the world, experience different cultures, food, drink and languages. I always try to make an effort to learn a little before we go.

  • Cooking, from scratch, for friends and family - always with a glass or two of wine.

  • Camping, as a reminder that we can have a great time with very little.

  • Gardening, currently battling an inhospitable north-face of a hill, with little soil and lots of chalk!

Dan on holiday
A salad Dan made
Dan's greenhouse where this year's produce is starting to grow
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